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The Secret of Frywald by Ysilme Mature
Not long after the war of the Last Alliance, a dragon troubling the East Bight forces the captain of Imladris and the king...
People of the Ice by Fadesintothewest Mature
Hi I am back!!!The FŽanorians find that their kin who crossed the Ice have been utterly changed. Fingon is utterly changed...
The Price of Vengeance II by Encairion Mature
Sequel to The Price of Vengeance I. A novella of the House of Finwë  from the end of the First Age to the fall...
Time Present, Time Future by Narya Teen
In Valinor, FindarŠto has a vision and Tyelkormo tries to comfort him. Fluff, friendship and foreshadowing. Rated Teen...
Angels and crooks by Nuredhel General Audiences
Bard and Thran has gotten used to their new life but they do still have their jobs and my oh my does that make things interesting...
Days of a Valinorean healer by Nuredhel Teen
Being a healer in Valinor brings a whole new set of challenges for Elrond, some really great ones and some not so great...
Even the Birds Are Chained to the Sky by cheekybeak Teen
The story of Legolas, Elrohir and Maewen in Valinor. A Silvan child runs free and safe in Valinor but how free is he? A mother...

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02/19/18 08:21 am
Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! I had a lovely day and I still have a whole week of holiday to go!
02/18/18 06:09 pm
Have a wonderful day, Naledi :)
02/18/18 05:31 pm
Happy Birthday. Naledi!
Spiced Wine
02/18/18 01:15 pm
Many Happy Returns, Naledi :)
Spiced Wine
02/18/18 01:15 pm
Many Happy Returns, Naledi :)
02/18/18 06:54 am
Happy Birthday, Naledi! Have a brilliant day! :)
02/16/18 10:17 pm
Have a great holiday, Naledi, and happy birthday for Sunday!
02/16/18 10:03 pm
Thanks, Ziggy and Ysilme. My birthday is on Sunday. Iím on holiday at the moment, so not able to check in so often.
Spiced Wine
02/16/18 03:50 pm
Oh, Iím so glad, Glorfindel. It must just have been a glitch
02/16/18 03:41 pm
Happy Birthday, Naledi!
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Shout Archive
Shout Archive
Belated happy birthday to both Spiced and Alpha!
02/11/18 07:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Belated Happy Birthday from me, too, Alpha! *waves*
02/11/18 02:57 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Aww, well, thank you, Ziggy, And I am so sorry you. Have been ill!
02/11/18 01:39 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Posting the new chapter for your birthday, Spiced- sorry it's so late. x
02/11/18 10:52 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Thank you, Ziggy :)
02/10/18 08:48 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Birthdays Spiced and Alpha!
02/10/18 01:35 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
And Happy Birthday, Alpha :)
02/09/18 01:49 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Happy Friday, everyone :)
02/09/18 11:06 am [Delete] [Edit]

A few hours early, but happy birthday, Alpha! I hope you have a lovely day. Iím posting now because I might not get time tomorrow.
02/08/18 10:55 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
:) Thank you Glorfindel
02/07/18 10:39 am [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Birthday for Yesterday Spiced - I hope you had a wonderful day. Best wishes for the year ahead xxx
02/06/18 05:15 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Thank you :)
02/06/18 12:46 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Sorry for the late wishes, but happy birthday, Spiced!!! I am glad to hear it was a good one :)
02/06/18 01:30 am [Delete] [Edit]

A bit late, but happy birthday, Spiced :)
02/05/18 11:50 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Thank you, Alquien and Gabriel. Yes, just had a quiet meal with my partner and a friend, my mum and uncle.
02/05/18 10:51 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Birthday, Spiced Wine! I hope you've had a great day! :)
02/05/18 08:16 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Birthday, Si‚n! Enjoy your special day! :)
02/05/18 10:56 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Thank you so much, Ysilme :) and no worries, Gabriel. The book was quite accessible :)
02/05/18 10:26 am [Delete] [Edit]

A very happy birthday to you, Si‚n! Hope you're having a great day with your favourite people! *hugs*
02/05/18 09:19 am [Delete] [Edit]

Thank you so much, Spiced! So very much appreciated. I hope it wasn't too much of a problem looking for it, with all the redecorating that's happening. :)
02/04/18 11:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Bearing in mind it is hard going Ďwhere the sorcery of Sauron and the power of Melian came together and horror and madness walkedí
02/04/18 04:22 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Okay - found it. It looks as if Nan Dungortheb is about 50-60 miles roughly. Now you have to work out how long it would take people to walk it (or ride)
02/04/18 04:22 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
I have it somewhere, only most of my books are packed because we have to do a lot of redecorating. Iíll see if it is accessible
02/04/18 04:12 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I can't read them. I wish that site you mentioned was still up and running. :/
02/04/18 10:39 am [Delete] [Edit]

Hi Spiced Wine, unforunately I don't have access to Fonstad's Atlas, all I have is Google images which seem mighty small and if they do have miles indicated at the bottom of the map,
02/04/18 10:37 am [Delete] [Edit]