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In at the Eye by Narya General Audiences
Fingolfin visits a recuperating Lalwen. A very short one shot, written as a treat for Bunn for Innumerable Stars 2018.
Time Waits for No Man by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
Arwen visits an aged Faramir.
~ Magnificat of the Damned. Book IV: Anvil ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
From Angmar to the Dagor Dagorath. The final story in the Magnificat of the Damned series. The Doom and destiny of the...
Where the Shadows Lie by ziggy General Audiences
The One Ring has been destroyed and Sauron banished to the Dark with Morgoth. But not all the Rings were destroyed with the...
Drabbles for Tolkien Weekly by Ysilme Teen
Drabbles for tolkien weekly, a prompt-based drabble community on livejournal.
I'll be Yours if You'll be Mine by NelyafinweFeanorion Teen
Modern setting AU. Maedhros/Fingon. Maedhros owns a bookstore. Fingon is in grad school. Expect appearances from varied members...
Wrath and Ruin by KimicThranduilion Teen
The battle with the Great Serpents of the North brought nothing but wrath and ruin for the wood elves. The aftermath is bitter...

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10/16/18 09:48 pm
Ysilme, that does sound wonderful, I am so jealous. There's something magical about a really good concert.
10/16/18 09:48 pm
Hi, Fadesintothewest! *waves* good to see you, hope work isn't too painful.
Spiced Wine
10/15/18 02:32 pm
That sounds amazing, Ysilme :)
10/15/18 12:19 pm
who of my music-loving OCs might be interested in playing the nyckelharpa/keyed fiddle... *ggg* )
10/15/18 12:18 pm
I've been to the most wonderful concert yesterday, Swedish Folk string trio Väsen. The music was so beautiful, and it felt so much like Middle-earth, too. (now I need to figure out
10/15/18 12:17 pm
Nice to see you popping in here, fadesintothewest! *waves* *waves generally around, too* Hope everybody else is doing well enough.
Spiced Wine
10/15/18 10:53 am
Hope you do, too, Fadesintothewest :) Good to see you!
10/15/18 09:27 am
Just wanted to say hello. I know things are slowed down right now. I wish I could be more present but work. Looking forward to participating more soon!!!
Spiced Wine
10/14/18 12:23 pm
Sign of a good fic, if you ask me :)
10/13/18 11:23 pm
:D this fic keeps mutating. So far it's sprouted four OCs and an unexpected plot twist which impacts stories that come chronologically later in the series...it's a nightmare but I love it!
Shout Archive

Shout Archive
Shout Archive
Happy Friday! :) thanks Spiced. I am doing better. Went back to work for a couple of days and am now off again - so excited!
09/28/18 08:21 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Happy Friday, everyone :) Narya I hope you’re feeling better and have a great holiday
09/28/18 09:46 am [Delete] [Edit]

Sorry about that Spiced! Yes, I think that's what I'll do. Why didn't I think of that. (sighs heavily) Thanks! :)
09/27/18 03:47 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
I would just choose whichever you want then, Gabriel. It’s what I tend to do when there is no clear answer
09/24/18 10:14 am [Delete] [Edit]

I have tried to look for it on other sites, but they have given two time frames which is a little confusing. One in the S.A. the other in the T.A.
09/24/18 06:31 am [Delete] [Edit]

I have a little question to ask. totally off the subject. Does anyone know when Bree was built? Was it up and running when Gil galad was king of the Noldor and Celebrimbor was in Eregion?
09/24/18 06:24 am [Delete] [Edit]

Okay. If its not too much trouble. Thank you Spiced. :)
09/24/18 02:45 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
It’s not a problem, I shall just go in and edit the announcement
09/23/18 11:53 am [Delete] [Edit]

Besides, I don't want you having to go out of your way just to add me to the list. But thank you for offering. :)
09/23/18 07:31 am [Delete] [Edit]

I don't want to be a bother, Spiced. I think I'll just wait till my other fic has done its dash in the recents list and post the SinS after it. Its no problem.
09/23/18 07:27 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
But I can definitely add it for you
09/22/18 02:44 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
I can add it, Gabriel, but only using a keyboard and iPad I cannot hotlink it I have no mouse, and everything is a pain in the neck
09/22/18 02:44 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Not to worry Spiced! It was my fault for not submitting it in time. That's the consequences I guess. :)
09/22/18 01:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Sorry, Gabriel I took that list from Kenaz’s LJ
09/22/18 10:03 am [Delete] [Edit]

I wish there was a delete button on this.
09/22/18 05:43 am [Delete] [Edit]

There is also mine as well,(SinS) if anyone's interested in taking a look, which isn't on the list, as I was late in posting. :/
09/21/18 11:38 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Oh my goodness Narya! Please take good care of yourself. :)
09/21/18 11:34 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
You’re welcome :)
09/21/18 08:08 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Thank you, Spiced! <3
09/21/18 07:47 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Ahh, Spiced, thank you <3 hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned!
09/21/18 06:59 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Okay it is up
09/21/18 06:10 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Okay :)
09/21/18 06:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Thank you, Ysilme :)
09/21/18 03:36 pm [Delete] [Edit]

with SinS online now. Spiced, can you do a news post about the masterlist, or with a link to the AO3 collection? That would be lovely! <3
09/21/18 03:17 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Friday to everyone! Narya, I hope you're feeling better soon! Viruses can be rather draining and demand a lot of patience. At least there's lots of lovely reading material
09/21/18 03:16 pm [Delete] [Edit]