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Where the Shadows Lie by ziggy General Audiences
The One Ring has been destroyed and Sauron banished to the Dark with Morgoth. But not all the Rings were destroyed with the...
A liaison in the Great Greenwood by Azukiel Explicit
Legolas has loved Adlanniel since before she came of age, and she has loved him dearly. However, when Legolas volunteers...
Berries and Starlight by Narya Teen
Míriel takes Indis for a winter walk in the woods.Written for the 2018 Silm Lady Love Winter Prompt Fest on AO3. The prompt...
Days of a Valinorean healer by Nuredhel Teen
Being a healer in Valinor brings a whole new set of challenges for Elrond, some really great ones and some not so great...
I'll be Yours if You'll be Mine by NelyafinweFeanorion Teen
Modern setting AU. Maedhros/Fingon. Maedhros owns a bookstore. Fingon is in grad school. Expect appearances from varied members...
The Night the Sea Came In by Keiliss Teen
After Beleriand is broken and drowned in the wreck of the War of Wrath, the survivors on Balar set out on a desperate voyage...
Love comes in many forms by Ysilme Mature
All Gimli wants is to travel to Erebor to show Legolas the splendour of his home of old. But they are joined by an unexpected...

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Spiced Wine
01/14/19 07:48 pm
I hope it is!
01/14/19 07:28 pm
I know, I love it. My home! (I wish...)
Spiced Wine
01/14/19 07:14 pm
What a great picture, Narya!
Spiced Wine
01/14/19 07:12 pm
Me, too, their status says they’ve been having intermittent outages all afternoon
01/14/19 06:56 pm
Is anyone else having issues getting on Dreamwidth? I'm missing my fandom snowflake fix! :P
01/14/19 06:49 pm
It's up :)
Spiced Wine
01/14/19 02:24 pm
Oh, please do!
01/14/19 02:07 pm
In other news, bunn has painted a scene from Paradox! It's on her deviantart (victoriaclare); I will embed it into the story when I'm not meant to be working!
01/14/19 02:03 pm
I hope you do, Spiced :)
Spiced Wine
01/14/19 10:07 am
I think I did a few in 2012. I might do some, if I have finished Magnificat by then.
Shout Archive

Shout Archive
Shout Archive
Happy Friday :D anyone got any nice plans for the weekend?
11/23/18 10:36 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Happy Friday, everyone :)
11/23/18 09:41 am [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!
11/22/18 08:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
If it is Thanksgiving for you hope you have a goood one :)
11/22/18 06:07 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Friday :D
11/17/18 12:37 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Happy Friday, everyone :)
11/16/18 09:43 am [Delete] [Edit]

chapter posted is actually new instead of repeat this time.
11/15/18 04:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

snow for us here too! And sorry somehow chapter 39 on "I'll be yours" repeated itself instead of posting chapter 40. I think I've got it fixed now. Sorry for any confusion. Chapter p
11/15/18 04:55 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Karlmir Stonewain
Snow is in tonight's forecast. Bah! It's too early for snow. Time for a sequel to "Islands of Warmth in a Sea of Cold."
11/15/18 10:47 am [Delete] [Edit]

Oops - meant to say, please DM me with your email address!
11/14/18 10:49 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Can those of you who want to be involved DM me and I'll send out a group email. Cheeky and Ziggy - I know I did have your emails, but I doubt I've still got them.
11/14/18 10:48 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Yay for everyone joining in with the advent calendar (*waves to Cheeky*). It's probably time we got this show on the road.
11/14/18 10:46 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
And it will still feel like a last-minute rush!
11/13/18 10:42 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
I do not believe we’re already thinking of Christmas. Yet here I am ordering pressies, buying cards, making sure I have addresses...
11/13/18 10:41 pm [Delete] [Edit]

11/12/18 02:03 am [Delete] [Edit]

Cheeky! Hi! Hope you're well :D and never mind putting up with, we need you to provide crazy plot tangles and lighten things up!
11/11/18 11:12 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hi there, I’m happy to do the advent story again as long as you can put up with my ridiculousness disrupting your attempts at a more somber mood :-)
11/11/18 06:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

11/11/18 04:45 am [Delete] [Edit]

Nooooo! Ziggy! Please don't! (a look of horror on face) What about the people trying to stay impartial, trying to see the good in Imrahil! (slips on rose colored glasses) Pleeeeease think about th
11/11/18 03:03 am [Delete] [Edit]

I agree with Spiced that you're meanies to the lovely Imrahil. I am adding a torrid sex scene in my next chapter just to annoy you.
11/10/18 11:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

few months so a bit of advance notice might help!
11/10/18 10:16 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I have cheekybeak's contact info and can let her know. I'd love to be involved in the advent story again. I wouldn't mind Naledi's idea--I've committed myself a bit over the next f
11/10/18 10:16 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Friday, everyone! :-D
11/09/18 05:22 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
Happy Friday :)
11/09/18 09:57 am [Delete] [Edit]

Spiced Wine
You are all meanie beanies to poor Imrahil, lol
11/09/18 09:56 am [Delete] [Edit]